The dynasty spanning all of the King Georges was lengthy and full of design influences. This can make putting your thumb on the precise makeup of a Georgian Interior hard to come by.


The primary grounds for the Georgian style was a calming and muting of the grand opulence of Baroque. Many objects and artefacts varying significantly from one another appeared during the Georgian Reign, but the quintessential Georgian aesthetic was inspired by the work of Andrea Palladio two centuries before.

Below are a few tips to ensure your interior has a sincere Georgian look and feel.


The most important element is to focus on striking a balance between exquisite detailing and planes of colour and space. By this point the complete saturation of detail and the ornate in a room was fading and the trend was towards harnessing it and putting it on a pedestal. Namely a roman inspired pedestal with classic roman motifs and iconography.


# Pare down the colour palette

Muted pastels, whites and creams with one dominant hue will calm down your interior and give it a strong Georgian persuasion. Licks of Gold and Brass should be present, but in moments, such as in Ironmongery, frames or formally presented sculptural items.


# Symmetry and order

If you can draw a line down the centre of your space, preferably into a main focal point like a fireplace or large cabinet, and maintain symmetry with the objects populating it, you will be well on the way to a Georgian Interior. Equal quantities of chairs opposite one another. Bookcases or shelving in pairs. Leafed tables down the spine of the room. You do not need two of everything, just consider the detail, visible weight and finish of a piece and echo it along a line of symmetry.


# Furniture

Furniture was simple and elegant with simple cut-outs to their frames inspired by roman architecture. Legs were slender and refined, propping up bold tops with classic edge profiles. This Georgian Lowboy is a classic example. Floors would be wooden and naked with minimal decoration, allowing for dark stained tables and chairs to contrast and show off their silhouettes.